Sales Tax Consulting

Determining whether a product or service is taxable for healthcare facilities is a challenging issue.

Often heard in the healthcare community, “For those who deal with sales tax issues it sometimes appears to be more of an art rather than a science.”

The Webster Organization can use its experience and expertise to clarify these issues and offers a broad range of services:
  • Documentation of sales tax overpayments
    • By examining invoice payments in detail we can prepare the necessary information for submission that will generate a refund for your facility.

  • Documentation of use tax accruals
    • Improper accrual of use tax can result in over payments or under payments of use tax. The Webster Organization can review accruals and help simplify the process.

  • Item master file evaluation
    • An in depth review of the current Item Master file can correct tax coding so that future invoice overpayments are minimized.

  • Sales tax training
    • Following the reviews of the tax overpayments and the item master, training of your staff can be tailored to increase their general knowledge and specifically targeted to reduce future tax overpayments.

TWO can help in determining whether a product or service is taxable for healthcare facilities.