Materials Management and Purchasing Contract Auditing

Most Clients want to ensure they are receiving the best possible pricing and service from their suppliers. Within a single vendor agreement, each product may have in excess of ten prices depending on the client’s volume commitment, or which “pricing tier,” the manufacturer or distributor has assigned the client.

Often, the volume commitment price or the "pricing tier" assigned is the wrong one or was not assigned in a timely manner. The result is that the incorrect higher price has been charged for some period of time.

As part of an Accounts Payable Audit, The Webster Organization uses its proprietary computer programs to compare current and past pricing with the appropriate local and group purchasing organization vendor agreements.

The result is twofold: current pricing can be updated to reflect the proper “pricing tier” and past pricing discrepancies can be documented for recovery of overpayments.

If a client wishes to have a materials management and purchasing contract audit performed without an AP Audit, this can be accomplished by The Webster Organization based on a percentage of future documented savings or on a fee for service basis.

TWO will help you ensure your organization is receiving the best possible pricing and services from your suppliers.