Accounts Payable Recovery Audits

Most Clients want an AP recovery process to be a thorough examination of transactions with vendors that result in:
  • Recovering all significant overpayments
  • Discovering how overpayments occurred
  • Implementation of workable solutions to reduce future overpayments
  • Achieving these outcomes while being virtually transparent to the clientís day-to-day operations
The Webster Organizationís proprietary computer programs enable analysis of Accounts Payable, Materials Management and Vendor transactions down to line item detail.

Example recovery categories:
  1. Pricing errors
  2. Sales Tax overpayment
  3. Duplicate and Misdirected Payments
  4. Rebates Due
  5. Returned Goods
  6. Incorrect Freight charged
  7. Trade in allowances
  8. Warranty Repair
  9. Unrealized credits
  10. Discounts Due
Additionally, a number of reports can be generated from the data to improve and develop new benchmarks for the facility.

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The TWO AP recovery process is a thorough examination of transactions with vendors.